We are New York State’s leading criminal justice reform coalition, comprised of more than a dozen local and national organizations on the forefront of public policy, civil rights, and legal advocacy.

It’s time for New York to fix its broken criminal justice system that unfairly targets lower income communities and communities of color. New Yorkers United for Justice is advancing reforms to do just that — making our state safer, our justice system fairer, and our society stronger along the way.


NYUJ’s Coalition of organizations is as diverse as the criminal justice reform community, itself. We are bipartisan, interfaith, and comprised of organizations across the ideological, political, and thought leadership spectrum.


NYUJ advocates for and advances common sense reforms to New York’s broken, unfair criminal justice system by:

  • Educating the public about the system, its fundamental faults, and the solutions and reforms that are proven to work.
  • Working directly with legislators, community leaders, and other advocacy organizations to shape the conversation and drive action.
  • Holding to account those who deliberately spread false information about criminal justice reforms and impacted communities.


Join us to stay informed and up to date on the rapidly changing landscape of criminal justice reform in New York:



New York’s parole system is onerous, destructive, and criminogenic. Instead of transitioning formerly incarcerated back to society safely, it reincarcerates people at an alarming rate. Learn about how parole should work and what New York must do to fix its system.

COVID-19 threatens the health and welfare of every person in and impacted by the criminal justice system. NYUJ is advocating for immediate action to protect incarcerated New Yorkers and the people who work in the system.


The NYUJ Coalition was convened by two formerly incarcerated New Yorkers and is led by experts in public policy, advocacy, and nonprofit governance.

Join the fight for equality and fairness under the law.

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