New York State spends approximately $359 million incarcerating people returned to state prison for technical parole violations. Localities across the state spend nearly $300 million incarcerating these individuals accused of alleged parole violations while they await disposition of the charges.

The below map shows the estimated cost to New York counties and New York City in the year 2019. These estimates were produced using 2019 average daily counts for each county as reported by the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services and an estimated annual cost of incarceration in New York City and each New York county as reported by the New York City Comptroller and the Vera Institute of Justice. The calculation used to reach an estimated cost is listed below.

Individuals under the supervision of the state parole system must adhere to a set of conditions such as regular meetings with parole officers and can include curfews and abstaining from alcohol. A violation of one of these conditions – known as a technical violation of parole – can result in a parole officer issuing a warrant resulting in mandatory detention in a city or county jail as the violation is adjudicated without the possibility of bail or release on recognizance. The adjudication process can take up to 105 days. The average length of the adjudication process in New York City is 61 to 67 days and 58 days in the rest of the state. The city and counties detaining individuals accused of a noncriminal, technical violation of parole are responsible for the cost of detention. It has been estimated that New York localities spend around $300 million annually detaining such individuals while technical violation allegations are adjudicated. Based on these figures, New York City and counties outside of the city spent over $340 million detaining individuals accused of technical violations of parole in 2019.

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