New York’s criminal justice system is broken. It disproportionately targets and impacts poor communities and communities of color; it fails to keep our communities safe; and it traps families in generational cycles of poverty
and incarceration.

NYUJ advocates for common sense reforms to transform our criminal justice system, beginning with the
most critical, unfair, and dangerous aspects of it.


The novel coronavirus presents an unprecedented threat to the health and welfare of everyone in the criminal justice system: from officers of the court to incarcerated people and their families. Within 48 hours of New York’s first infection cluster, NYUJ began advocating for dramatic action to slow its spread and protect New Yorkers in the system. 


Bail and discovery reform are critical to the safety and welfare of New York State residents. Learn more about our work educating the public and lawmakers about pretrial reforms.


New York’s parole system is onerous, destructive, and criminogenic. Instead of transitioning formerly incarcerated back to society safely, it reincarcerates people at an alarming rate. Learn about how parole should work and what New York must do to fix its system.


Executive clemency is a powerful tool in the fight for fairness and to correct historic biases in the criminal justice system. But it is vastly underutilized and poorly understood.


Law enforcement interaction with the public has a critical impact on public safety and the effectiveness of our criminal justice system. But New Yorkers, especially those charged with crimes, do not have a full picture of law enforcement conduct that affects them.


In New York, police interrogators are permitted to use the “false evidence ploy” in which they present false evidence or otherwise false statements as true to secure confessions from New Yorkers.


In New York, virtually any interaction with the legal system – from a simple speeding ticket to a serious criminal conviction – comes with fines and fees that on their own can lead to unjust incarceration and disrupt successful reentry for low income New Yorkers.

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