New Yorkers United for Justice Slams Senate Republican Effort to Repeal Bail Reform
January 09, 2019

Contact: Melissa Mansfield |

New Yorkers United for Justice Slams Senate Republican Effort to Repeal Bail Reform

“New Yorkers United for Justice represents diverse organizations from across the ideological spectrum, and we are deeply disappointed in the Senate Republicans’ efforts to carelessly and callously repeal recent criminal justice reforms. No reasonable person can credibly defend a system that treats people with means in a radically different way than people who are poor.  Any kindergartner can tell you that’s wrong.  There’s a big difference between a reasonable, thoughtful conversation about how to continue to improve the system and unreasonably, thoughtlessly trying to restore a broken status quo.  Fairness, justice and public safety should guide reform, not fear, hysteria and misinformation Khalil A. Cumberbatch, Chief Strategist, New Yorkers United for Justice.  “This is a crisis in Republican and Democratic districts alike and a vote for this proposal is a vote to keep New York as a national leader in wrongful convictions and the criminalization of poverty, which everyone knows makes everyone less safe.  It’s sad to see members of the Senate try to turn an important conversation into an unserious political ploy.”

“Finally, criminal justice reform is an issue that Republicans have partnered thoughtfully with Democrats in red and blue states alike and in Washington based on inherent conservative values”, said Normal Reimer, Executive Director, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, who serves as Board Chair of NYUJ. “It’s a mystery why some Senate Republicans are far out of step, opposed to every reform imaginable and out of the mainstream of their own party.”