NYUJ: One Year Into Pandemic, Latest Fatality in NY Prison Brings Total Deaths to 31
February 10, 2021

NYUJ: One Year Into Pandemic, Latest Fatality in NY Prison Brings Total Deaths to 31

COVID-19 Death Toll in NYS Prisons Now 31, With Total New Positives at 271 and an Estimated Positive Rate of 10.5%

NYUJ Coalition Calls on NYS to Join Growing Number of States and Prioritize All Incarcerated People in State’s Vaccination Distribution Planning

NYUJ’s Analysis of DOCCS Data (Jan. 29 – Feb. 5, 2021)

Total positives (all time)


Total estimated tests (all time)*

61, 266

Total new positives


Estimated new tests


Estimated positive rate of returned tests (new positives/new positives + new negatives)


New deaths


Total deaths



* Prior to Dec. 21, 2020, DOCCS reported the status of individuals and not tests. Following Dec. 21, 2020, DOCCS now reports in its negative column up-to-two test results per individual as well as “any test results from the Department’s routine surveillance testing.” Due to this incomplete reporting from DOCCS, NYUJ is limited to providing an estimated number of tests.


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