Second Chance Agenda
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A path home for New Yorkers.
The way forward for New York State.

The Second Chance Agenda for New York reimagines the path home for incarcerated New Yorkers by prioritizing fairness, public safety, and cost-saving, data-driven solutions to improve the lives of returning citizens and keep our communities safe. This transformative agenda, developed by New Yorkers United for Justice (NYUJ), is a package of legislative proposals that will reduce recidivism and incarceration rates, enhance public safety, and cut wasteful public spending.

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Investments in Reentry Services
Addressing a person’s reentry needs can dramatically reduce their likelihood of recidivism, while improving their chances of having a successful, permanent reentry. That’s why NYUJ supports building and investing in a thriving ecosystem of reentry and treatment services in the communities.

Clean Slate Record Sealing
A criminal record can mean a lifetime of barriers to basic opportunities in employment, housing, and other needs critical to successful reentry. If enacted, new Clean Slate legislation will automatically seal criminal records after a reasonable period of time.

Second Look Sentencing
A large portion of New Yorkers in prisons are serving unnecessarily long and harsh prison sentences—with no benefit to public safety. “Second Look” sentencing reform will allow the courts to review and reduce individuals’ sentences, safely reduce incarceration, and provide more New Yorkers a true second chance.

Data Modernization
An effective legal system must be assessed and driven by accurate, transparent, and accessible data. However, New York’s current system is outdated, overburdened by large gaps in its data collection and sharing methods.

What is the Second Chance Agenda?

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